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R&D teamBenzo Energy research team engineers are well educated, 20 bachelors, 12 masters and 7 doctors, 80% of them had more than 10 years battery design experiences in rechargeable lithium battery industry, in the past, our engineers’ hard work brought Benzo over 25 edge cutting battery system technologies patents, which differentiated us from other lithium battery suppliers and made us stand up among competitors in world lipo battery......       High efficiency serviceBENZO Energy is always aware of importance of professional services, our service includes before sale, during sale and after sale services, operated by well trained staffs.
The before sale answer questions, creating client record, and the sales will communicate with clients for more details of rechargeable battery solutions, like application type, voltage, capacity......


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Advanced equipmentTo meet demand of updating technologies battery production, we also updates part of old equipments, and we imported from Japan, Korea, United states latest automatically production equipment and testing devices.In our workshop, we have 5 sets different series of welding machines, 2 types liquid injection system, 3 stacker machines,  vacuum mixers, slurry coater, electrode splitter, electrode vacuum dryer.....   Strict quality controlHigh standard quality control in manufacturing process is one of the most important factors of most business success, we arranged QC inspection on each step, on some important part, the product and it’s multiple parameters (size, weights, voltage, capacity, impedance, and equipment temperature, environmental conditions etc,) can be tested by several different people, we determine to stop all possible problems before it go to client......

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